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PACE Career Centre develop online and offline career guidance systems based on the client's needs. These systems include APS calculators, subject choice apps, career planning systems, career guidance questionnaires and more. Used by schools, colleges, universities, NGO's, and government departments. Over 1 million people annually rely on these systems to provide career guidance to their prospective students.

PACE developed the National Career Advice Portal for South Africa and developed the Transnational Career Guidance system that serves 31 countries in the Commonwealth. Similarly, PACE has developed career guidance systems for 14 African countries. 

Our Offline systems are equally popular, especially in regions where internet access is limited. Our offline systems include the Academic Placement Test that is used by TVET colleges to place applicants.

Our patented work (Patent No: 2020/08008) that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve career guidance practice is another of our groundbreaking IT initiatives.   

To enquire about the development of your own custom career guidance system please contact Avron at A few examples of some of our systems are shown below. 

Career Guidance - Ghana
Career Guidance - Bridge House
Career Guidance - Boland College
Career Guidance - Wits University
Career Guidance - South Africa
Career Guidance - Wits University
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